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What's New

February 2018

We are extending our offer of a 50% discount on all products during February 2018.

We've updated our Profile and Waterdrive applications to fix minor issues with importing US date formats, and the curve fitting algorithm associated with the Reverse Welge routine in Waterdrive.

Licensed owners of these products can download and install these new versions via our downloads section.

Payment Process

Should you be interested in buying one of our software products, you will be asked to complete the following process :

  • Send an email to our email address info@petroleumsolutions.co.uk, stating which software you would like to buy.
  • We will send you an online invoice with payment instructions.
  • Once the payment has been received, we will email the License files required to fully activate the purchased software.

Company Background

seasoned oil industryThe Petroleum Solutions team consists of “seasoned” oil industry professionals, with mainly petroleum reservoir engineering and petrophysics backgrounds. We aim to develop and commercialise inexpensive, easy-to-use applications that retain elements of industry proven, classic analytical techniques.

We see our main competitor as Microsoft Excel and as such we deliver quality products that are technically more robust than user’s spreadsheets, are very easy to use and produce presentation quality output quickly.

Contact us

Get in touchShould you require any more information or be interested in purchasing any of our products then please feel free to email us at info@petroleumsolutions.co.uk

Please also email us if you have any suggestions for improvements to any of our products, or if you would like to see additional routines, or if you would like us to convert your favourite routines to a Microsoft compatible application !

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